Storytelling through unique visuals inspired by a fusion of wordplay, observations, and mental manifestations define my creative force du jour. In a methodical circuit, the title inspires the composition inspires the concept inspires the color story. As I experiment deeper into new applications with my medium of hand sewn fabric tubes, I am both restricted and liberated by the possibilities and through this comes innovation. As a multimedia artist, I find inspiration through a variety of synergistic creative forces and harness its potential through spirited experimentation and calculated execution. Once there is a homogeneous balance of intrigue, pun, and theory, the inception of a burgeoning idea begins to take seed. Creating in a familiar medium in fiber I developed as a child connects me to my roots and allows me to work with both hands. The creation of submediums within my language of tubes, nuggets, and shreds allows for pattern, structure, texture, form, and depth. These are the physical characteristics I compose with while always striving to feed off irony, infuse humor, or a Textile related theme. These intricately manipulated tubes of fabric represent the parts of the sum which inevitably become the sum of bigger parts.



Sooo-z Mastropietro
41 Spicer Road
Westport, CT 06880

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