Over the last 30 years, Terri C Smith has curated more than 100 exhibitions for museums and other nonprofit arts organizations, working with approximately 400 nationally and internationally exhibiting contemporary artists. In 2011, she cofounded the nationally-recognized contemporary art space, Franklin Street Works, (Stamford, CT) where she was the Creative Director until the organization permanently closed due to financial strains from the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020.

In addition to curating, her freelance work has included: teaching Feminisms and the Arts as an adjunct professor at UConn-Stamford; working as a copywriter for annual reports, websites, press releases, and grants; archiving for Blondie’s Christ Stein, for the Al Held Foundation, and for Alison Knowles, a founding member of Fluxus; and creating dozens of radio features, many about the environment, for Nashville Public Radio.

She’s currently focused on freelance projects: teaching at UConn-Stamford; writing grants and other copy for HFC, a national Alzheimer’s nonprofit; and proofreading for “The Psychoanalytic Quarterly” and Harlem Children’s Zone. She is also exploring a path to secure Franklin Street Works’ nine-year legacy of socially conscious work by organizing and finding a home for its archive. Her practice continues to be invested in expanding and deepening conversations about art and culture beyond the confines of the art world, using an intersectional approach that highlights contemporary art’s relevance in the sociopolitical spaces of our everyday lives.



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