After concluding a 23 year career as a decorative arts photographer in NYC I began creating art to express the beauty, elegance and grace I saw in a dried leaf. This photographic work, entitled Dancingleaves, introduced me into the local art community.

Restlessness in my art practice, coupled with a committed interest in meditation, led me to create imagery and sculpture based upon the architecture of the archetypical labyrinth. I strive to create work that is reverential and honor our higher natures.

I thought my work was about beauty, but then a friend asked me what I was up to. I found myself saying something like I am lingering in thought, sketching the labyrinth and sitting in meditation. Yes, time spent among the curving lines, rosettes and arcs that conjur up a sense of journey and the cycle of progression and regression. My work speaks of time and of timelessness.



Thomas Berntsen
145 Perry Ave
Norwalk, CT 06850

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