My love of art, sculpture and painting started at a young age where I explored different ways of expressing my creativity. Artistic diversity and the ability to work with various media and styles has proven to be a great asset to my creative career. After I graduated from college, I continued at an art institute. In 1990, I moved to New York City from Poland. In 1998, I opened my own design business, working mostly with commercial art – painting murals, decorating, and sculpture.

Although I enjoyed design, I longed for new challenges and creative freedom and so in 2002 I ventured out on my own and made a career of what I had, until then it had only been a passionate hobby – sculpture.

Producing art is my positive contribution to the society. The work I produce both symbolizes and creates optimism for life in our industrialized society. My artwork has been executed with the use of computer-based design layouts and constructed with various art mediums, such as metal tubing, canvas, stone, transparent vinyl materials. For example, I’m using solar energy to light some sculptures from the inside. Then I play with different translucent materials to get the right final effect of my transparent paintings and graphics during the night.

The historic influences of my work are Rembrant and Caravaggio. Their uses of color, form, and medium have proved a good reference for setting my personal standard. Likewise my contemporary influence which included Dali and Beksinski have challenged me to raise my concepts of modern public art.



Ziggy Bober
13 Buckthorn Rd.
Norwalk, CT 06851

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