In a new partnership between The SoNo Collection, the new Brookfield Properties mall in Norwalk, and The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County, ten local artists are painting live at the mall, one artist per week.

Artists were painting in the Nordstrom Court (shopping level 1) painting live and interacting with viewers, Thurs.-Sun., 1-4pm.

See all ten completed paintings (Duvian Montoya, The Oak; Kristin Schnitzler, Love Children; Naomi Clark, All of Us; Vernice, Kalon; Justin Cox, Cross-Currents; Robert Abrioli, Icon; Leslie Cober-Gentry, Positive Days A•Head; Jahmane, Space Particle Myuze; Sarah Stinson-Hurwitz, Sundown in July; and Yedi Fresh, #Roygbiv) in the Peoples United Magnificent Room on Shopping Level 2 of  The SoNo Collection. Bid on any or all works in the silent auction now open at All proceeds to benefit The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County.

All artwork is being donated by The SoNo Collection to The Cultural Alliance and will be offered for bidding in a silent auction, climaxing in a live online auction on Sat. Oct. 3, 2020

The silent auction is available here:

The LIVE virtual auction will be here at 5:30pm Sat Oct 3, 2020.

Here are the artists:

Yedi Fresh | July 17 – 19

From day one, Yedi Fresh has been creating. Whether it’s illustrating, painting, digital art, or mural work, the self-taught artist has allowed his creative nature to explode across canvases, notebooks, walls, and more. From an oversized yeti to captivating color therapy, there are always works in progress. Not a day goes by that Yedi can’t be found with pencil, brush, or can in hand. To him, it is a nonstop vision.


 ((( R.o.y. G. B.i.v. ))) is the name of this character – one of a family of Yedi Fresh’s creations. This one is a colorful and ardent artist himself – always ready with a crayon. See a high res version of this painting – and place your bid – by clicking on the image to go to our silent auction site (you’ll need to create an account).

Sarah Stinson-Hurwitz | July 24 – 26

Norwalk, Connecticut-based artist Sarah Stinson-Hurwitz soaks her canvases in surreal color palettes with subjects ranging from the human figure, to dreamlike landscapes, and quiet snapshots of daily life. The Carnegie Mellon University graduate is also passionate about bringing the local arts community together through collaborative projects, festivals, and murals. Her work has been included in multiple solo and group exhibitions in Connecticut, Pittsburgh, New York, Miami, and Charleston.


“Sundown in July” is an expressive painting by Sarah Stinson-Hurwitz. Sarah frequently includes sunsets in her practice either as entire landscapes or pieces of her compositions to signify new beginnings and transformational times. They are symbolic of change. The fading light gives way to darkness and light again.  Click on the image to go to the auction page and a larger image.

JAHMANE | July 31 – August 2

JAHMANE’s career as an artist began in the form of graffiti and has evolved into a wide spectrum of mediums including works on canvas, photography, fashion design, graphic design, interior design, and large scale murals—all which have been exhibited extensively through galleries, museums, and publications. With years of formal training and living through his art, JAHMANE has developed a unique style that combines social awareness, spirituality, mythology, and abstract language in a way that intrigues all who view his work.


Jahmane’s “Space Particle Myuze” is inspired by his “Space Particle Collection,” which explores humankind’s struggle to balance technology with nature, and how our present decisions will ultimately shape future generations.

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Leslie Cober-Gentry | August 7-9

Leslie Cober-Gentry is an award-winning artist known for her uplifting art and design through her illustrations and performance spaces. She has a thriving career mentoring art students as a guest speaker at various universities throughout the country and as an assistant professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and Western Connecticut State University (WCSU). Cober-Gentry curates the Members Show at the Museum of American Illustration annually, while also serving as a member of the NYC Landmark50 Alliance, as chairperson of the Visiting Lecture Series at both FIT and WCSU, and has been newly appointed to the Sanford B.D. Low Illustration Collection Committee at the New Britain Museum.


“My painting, Positive Days A.Headcreated in spray paint, acrylic paint and pens, and Chanel designer bag collage, was inspired by my passion for merging art, fashion, and optimistic messages. The torso of the woman is made up of clusters of flowers in pink, blue, and red. A Chanel bag is used as the head of the woman, while flowers and hearts emerge from the designer bag. The flowers are made up of roses and lilies, and eyes, that represent an upbeat attitude, looking to a positive future. The background of the painting is created in rolled gold metallic acrylic and stenciled spray paint. 

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Robert Abriola | August 14 – 16

Abriola is a classically trained artist, designer, and art director at various agencies in New York City and Connecticut. He is best known for his work in the music industry as the former creative director of EMI Music North America where he created award-winning cover art for many artists such as The Kinks, Todd Rundgren, Alice Cooper, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Joan Baez, Peabo Bryson, Melissa Manchester, Liza Minelli, and Bernadette Peters, to name a few. Abriola’s latest work, his ‘Music Icon’ Pop Art Series is a culmination of his 30+ year career.


“The subject for my live painting event at The SoNo Collection is a graphic portrait of Jimi Hendrix titled, ‘Icon‘. I was the creative director at EMI Universal Music Group for nearly 10 years and worked with some of the most famous artists in the industry (Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ray Davies, Alice Cooper, etc). I’ve had a deep connection to musicians and how their music has influenced the world. Jimi Hendrix has always been one of my favorite artists and his iconic music made an indelible mark on me as a visual artist artist.  Jimi exuded coolness….right down to his voice and how he played the guitar to his personal style and clothing. My design for this piece is a graphic representation of the artist to illustrate a bold symbolic visual that places Jimi as an everlasting icon. This piece is a tribute to the one of the greatest music artists of all time…the legendary Jimi  Hendrix.”

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Justin Cox | August 21 – 23

Justin W. Cox is an abstract artist fueled by surfing, music, art, and fashion. He works in acrylics, smearing and scraping vibrant colors with unpredictable outcomes. His work is bold and positive, influenced by the energy and beauty of the sea.


“Cross Currents” was inspired by the sunlight bouncing off currents in the sea. Colliding colors and patterns created by the wind as it blows across the surface. My interpretation is much more direct and overt in color, and simplified using only a few crossing strokes. I like to leave white space on the canvas to draw your eye to the color and motion of the colors blending and bleeding into one another.  Click on the image to go to the auction page and a larger image.

Vernice Holmes | August 28 – 30

As an accomplished fashion designer and multi-media artist for retailers Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Dillard’s, and several specialty store chains, Vernice Holmes has traveled across the globe to find inspiration for her vibrant artisan collections. She has a penchant for unique embellishments in her art including jewels, Swarowski crystals, lipstick, flowers, and scented oils. Vernice’s art is available on canvas, home décor, drinkware, apparel, and accessories. Holmes’ illustrations are available as stationery through “Plan to Blossom” via Etsy.


Kalon (n.) beauty that is more than skin-deep. Ideal perfect beauty in the physical and moral sense, especially as perceived by Greek philosophers.

“I am a sparkly, Christian Jewish, Black White Girl from the Bronx with green eyes and white skin. From a child I sketched ‘fashion girls’ of all colors, shapes and sizes on paper, walls and clothing to express my own individuality. When I was teased about my white skin or having “kinky hair”, my art fueled my passion to be original on purpose.” My experiences as a biracial girl & woman continue to evolve & inspire my art to embrace a soul’s significance and to respect others’ perspective.

Kalon was sketched, painted & embellished with crystals, jewels, and fabrics of faux fur, embroidered sequin lace, and rose gold denim. The Shimmering & Sparkling positive words are placed around the Women to surround them with “Good Vibes” The Kalon women are of diverse shades, shapes & styles.

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Naomi Clark | September 11 – 13

Naomi Clark is a painter and textile artist currently residing in Norwalk, Connecticut. The Joan Mitchell Foundation Award nominee and Pratt Institute graduate co-founded the immersive artist collaborative Fort Makers in 2008. Her work spans from classical paintings to interactive temporary installations and has been shown across the country, including set designs at MoMA’s PS1 and Fort Maker’s installations at Virginia Museum of Fine Art.


The painting “All of Us,” was inspired by the circular space of the architecture where I was painting. It was also inspired by the energy of the people walking around shopping and the nice conversations I was having with these people.. The colors to me represent the change of the season as well as the positive change in general in the world.

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Kristin Schnitzler | September 18 – 20

For Kristin Schnitzler, art has always been her creative outlet—her childhood was spent copying characters from the comic strips of her grandfather’s Sunday newspaper. She finds inspiration through her muses—in particular, people, animals, and, nature—bringing them to life using some of her favorite mediums, which include pen and alcohol ink and acrylic paint. The purpose of her work is to spread positive vibes, inspiration, and hope. One of her greatest accomplishments to date was painting a mural for the Art Park in Isaac Square located in Norwalk, Connecticut.


“Love Children” represents the innocent and pure love we had as children when the smallest things in life brought us joy and our dreams were bigger than our size, and we loved people on who they were and did not discriminate by the color of their skin, their religion or sexual orientation. I’ve never lost that love and my hope is to share that love with the world.

In today’s world of disconnection, discontentment and hatred we need to reconnect with ourselves, each other, and nature to help build each other up and spread love and happiness instead of negativity and tearing each other down. We all have a hard road but together it can be a lot brighter.

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Duvian Montoya | September 25 – 27

Duvian Montoya’s early work has been described as “magical realism,” which is partially influenced by author and fellow Colombian, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Pieces from this time period focused on themes of immigration, Latin American identity in the U.S., and displacement. In his current phase, Montoya has increased focus on technical skill and detailed imagery. This quietness allows him to make fascinating, subtle statements about modern everyday life. Montoya’s work is actively collected by both public and private institutions, including the city of Norwalk, the city of New Haven, the Mattatuck Museum, Disney, and Gulfstream Worldwide.


Duvian’s painting is titled “Rebirth” and he writes, “While on a family walk in the woods, I was inspired by the life cycle of the oak tree and its seeds, the acorn. I felt it was a great example of change, hibernation and rebirth. For SoNo Art Cares, I chose to highlight the beauty in the rebirth phase to uplift people that are struggling in this year of constant turmoil and change.” 

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