October Spotlight on Arts & Culture: “Accessibility & Inclusion in the Arts: Lessons for us all from The Americans with Disabilities Act”

SEE OUR NEW SPOTLIGHT ON ARTS & CULTURE page on our website. And save the date for our next show, Mon. Oct. 14, when we will have a broad and in-depth discussion about Accessibility & Inclusion in the Arts – specifically rooted in issues around arts venues and arts organizations making accommodations for people with disabilities. The discussion is an outgrowth of the ADA Principles and Practice Workshop conducted by Elanah Sherman for the CT Office of the Arts and includes Elanah, Tamara Dimitri from the Office of the Arts and the three guests on the workshop describing their experiences and recommendations as people with disabilities working with arts organizations: Alan Gunzburg, Amy Oestreicher and Jamie Petrone. Tune in Mon. Oct 14, noon.