The Fairfield County Preservation Network (FCPN) is a county-wide resource—a forum and support system to empower and connect organizations, professionals and individuals who are dedicated to preserving the historic character of our region. The Network is an informal group, made possible through the support of the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County (CAFC).

By design, the Network is not a formal organization with a board, bylaws or staff. It benefits greatly from the steady, ongoing support of a professional, staffed 501(c)(3), while not shouldering the burden of founding and running such an organization.

Through group meetings, held once or twice a year, and an ongoing email listserv, the Network enables members to meet, exchange ideas, seek and offer help, share information, discuss challenges and successes, and create opportunities for joint advocacy. Meetings to date have included presentations and discussions on Placemaking and Preservation, Demolition Delay Ordinances, and A Guide to Historic Preservation Alphabet Soup (published and available for $5).

At the most basic and critical level, the CAFC provides organizational expertise, office resources and staff time to help the Network’s steering committee plan and conduct Network meetings, and create and maintain the Network’s database of names and files.

The primary objective of the Network’s structure is to create a robust, valuable, resource for Fairfield County preservationists that is ongoing and cost-effective. The goal is to cover all or at least most of its costs through modest membership fees paid to the Alliance. We acknowledge the support of The Jeniam Foundation that assisted with the start-up of the network.

The Network will ultimately reflect the needs, interests and energies of its members. The Network’s Steering committee welcomes your help, thoughts, suggestions and participation as it develops and takes shape.

The Network’s Steering Committee currently consists of: Tod Bryant, President, Norwalk Preservation Trust; Laurie Heiss, board member, and past director, of the Merritt Parkway Conservancy; Bill Kraus, owner of C.W. Kraus Preservation & Development; Kathy Maher, Executive Director of the Barnum Museum, Bridgeport, and member of the State Historic Preservation Council (SHPO); and Faline Schneiderman, vice president of Historical Perspectives and president of Preserve New Fairfield. Please contact: with any questions.


To become a member of the Preservation Network, and be part of our growing listserv that binds us together, and is a quick resource for sharing news and information, sign up as a member of the Cultural Alliance, and choose either “Organization” or “Individual – Preservationist” as your Member Type. Membership is $50/year for individuals.


A Guide to Historic Preservation Alphabet Soup:

In an effort to clarify some of the basic terms, principles and acronyms of the preservation world, FCPN assembled some of those terms and acronyms, with brief explanations of their meanings and inter-connections. The list is organized hierarchically, starting with the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, which is the basis of historic preservation law and practice in the United States. Available online and also as a printed booklet (send your order with a $5 check for each copy to: Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County, Gate Lodge at Mathews Park, 301 West Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06850). Please also send us your questions and feedback to make this as useful a document as possible to preservationists in the field.