SavorCity Bridgeport

Friday November 9, come and savor the taste of Bridgeport to be found at Eat Noodle. This is the latest visit in a series of monthly visits to Bridgeport restaurants to celebrate and showcase the culinary and cultural delights of Connecticut’s most diverse city.  SavorCity Bridgeport  is organized by The Cultural Alliance with The NEST Arts FactoryRick Reyes Productions, and Capital for Change in order to showcase the authentic local cuisine of Bridgeport’s many, diverse neighborhoods. To accompany the food, and create a festive mood of celebration, Bridgeport musicians perform and Bridgeport artists showcase their work. Our visit to Eat Noodle, next to the Bijou Theatre in downtown Bridgeport, will feature the work of two Cultural Alliance member artists, the painter Cris Dam and musician Rick Reyes. For more details and to sign up to save your spot, go to http://bit.ly/savornoodle.