WED. OCT 11: Register for 10AM Funding Booster Program and 5:30PM: Artist WorkLab

Our monthly Funding Booster discussion series with funding expert Penny Cook continues this Wednesday October 11 at 10am for any of our members who have a question about funding possibilities in general, have something in mind or want some help with a specific grant. Join the conversation Wednesday, and if you need further help sign-up for a private 1-on1 session with Penny – it’s all free.

If you haven’t signed up for the series do that here.  Then sign up for the Zoom call on Wednesday here: 

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Registration is open for the next Artist WorkLab on Wednesday November 1 from 5:30 to 7 PM. The topic for September is Avoiding & Handling Copyright and Licensing Violations. Speakers include “The Legal Artist” Greg Kanaan, and artists Susan Fehlinger, and 5iveFingaz (Rafaella Santaella), with stories of their experiences with copyright violations. This series is free and open to any artist working in any medium. Produced in collaboration with Metro Art Studios and with the support of Connecticut Humanities, Artist WorkLab brings you panels and discussions to help your art career thrive!
VIDEOS NOW AVAILABLE: Videos are now available of the first three Artist WorkLabs: