“Spotlight” on “Re-Making History With Our Communities – Mon. Sept. 13 on WPKN 89.5FM

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This month we turned to thinking about how the history of our communities is made – and re-made. Our histories are long intricately interwoven tapestries of people coming from many other places, settling, making families, starting businesses or working for others, taking part in social and religious groups, shaping the community and creating culture.

But which stories get told, which strands in the tapestry get the focus and who decides?

This month, our guests were two museum directors and a co-founder of an Indigenous educational initiative: Ramin Ganeshram is executive director of the Westport Museum for History and Culture, Diane Jellerette is executive director of the Norwalk Historical Society and Museum, and endawnis Spears is a co-founder of the Akomawt Educational Initiative, dedicated to furthering knowledge of Native America in schools, museums and other public spaces.