Promotion & Capacity Building

A platform for creativity

Art isn’t just a free form of expression. It’s crucial to fostering creativity, community and educational development. What’s more, art benefits not only its creator, but its audience as well.

CAFC connects its member artists and organizations with new and expanding audiences through our media partnerships, e-communications and various social media channels:

Weekly E-Buzz
This promotional email is sent to more than 6,000 subscribers and includes 10-12 recommended arts and cultural events, classes and fundraisers selected from hundreds of eligible events posted on our FCBuzz Events page.

Each week, WPKN broadcasts a weekly drive time promo, parallel to the emailed E-Buzz, that highlights events and activities in the region.

In addition, WPKN broadcasts a monthly interview show, “Spotlight on Arts & Culture” where members are interviewed about current projects and critical issues. The show is recorded and available as a podcast on Soundcloud.

WAG Magazine

Each month, WAG Magazine publishes a select listing of 12 of our members’ Fairfield County events.

Social Media

We share and spotlight our members’ news and events on our social media platforms every week.

Hamlet Hub

A dedicated page for Cultural Alliance and members news.

The arts strengthen communities socially, educationally, economically.