Our Mission

The mission of the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County is to support cultural organizations, artists and creative businesses by providing unified marketing, capacity building, professional development, and advocacy services.

CAFC serves as a Regional Service Organization (RSO) of the Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA). Our purpose is to bring together a broad diversity of arts leaders to strategize, gather information, support arts industry learning and networking.

We develop partnerships and working relationships with local arts agencies and other cultural service providers, municipal leaders, business leaders, economic and community development.

directors, developers, and others within our region to further COA’s strategic plan and foster and promote artistic and cultural health and vibrancy across the state.

We also assist constituents with understanding and accessing programs and services; provide technical assistance and support to potential applicants, including Arts in Education, organizational development, and individual artist support.

The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County recognizes the region's diversity, unique resources and traditions and works to champion a future in which:

1. There are plentiful resources available to enable arts and cultural organizations and artists in all disciplines to flourish.

2. Policy makers and business leaders understand that the creative economy is a key contributor to the community’s economic prosperity, an enriched education and a civil society.

3. Fairfield County Connecticut, as a whole, is viewed as a valuable, robust, cultural destination.