Emily Teall (BFA Cornell University '16, MA Columbia University '18) is a Connecticut-based multimedia artist with particular interests in sculpture and installation art. Teall's artistic career began with an early-childhood interest in and curiosity about nature. Organic elements continue to drive her work. Teall's current work also draws from memories, experiences with anxiety, and from the role of the body in (particularly a female) identity. She explores these themes through the organic environments found in Connecticut and in New York State and with her relationship with her body, drawing inspiration from anatomical and biological references and processes. Symbols from nature, especially bulbs and seeds, permeate her visual and visceral languages. Many of her artworks focus on this slow-growth concept, referencing gestational and hibernation periods in nature. She creates new, personal “environments” through her artwork to encourage viewers to meditate on anxieties and memories. Her interest in pushing the immersive and experiential qualities of art leads her to work primarily in sculpture and installation. Decay, immediacy, details, and deep shadows are essential to her work. Teall is an inaugural artist in residence and art teacher at the Norwalk Art Space. She teaches art currently at Fusion Academy and formerly at Trailblazers Academy, Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries, and the South Norwalk Community Center. Previously she taught courses to all age groups both at Silvermine Arts Center in New Canaan, CT and the Tsogyelgar Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 



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