Testimonials from our Members

We work hard for our constituents and members. Here’s what some of them have to say.

From Artist Members:

I’ve been thinking about…what areas of interest I feel strongly about; what fuels my interests and passions, and I had an ah-ha moment: it was my connection with the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County…that gave me the ongoing confidence and trust in my work to comfortably – and proudly – be able to say that I’m an artist. I’ve learned how to express what I do and why; to see that I have a place at the table alongside other artists; and to receive and accept the feedback that my work garners.

I have learned much from the programs that you have put together and met interesting people…I look forward to future programs and conversations.

The Cultural Alliance is the hook and thread that stitches together Fairfield County’s cultural institutions and artists into an informative blanket for all to adopt into their daily lives.

You and your staff have made a huge contribution to all the artists & organizations in Fairfield county with your updates and information.  Many thanks and kudos to you and your staff.  Fantastic job!!

So honored to be the #CAFCArtistoftheDay ! The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County is an amazing arts umbrella organization that provides resources, connections and support to hundreds of artists and the arts in general. Please check them out at https://culturalalliancefc.org/resou…/resources-for-artists/ and consider donating to help them weather this Covid storm- we need them more than ever.

From a REGI grant recipient:

Your organization has the power to awaken interest and appreciation for the arts in children who may never have had a chance to discover their beauty. Thank you and all the members of the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County for all that you have done for us and hundreds of others all around Connecticut.

From Organization Members:

When you are a small-staffed arts not-for-profit it is easy to miss opportunities. Thanks to the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County, I get the support and am kept up to date on the many opportunities that benefit arts organizations. You keep me in the know and help me to move forward!

The CAFC does an exemplary job at helping the non-profit sector to build capacity, network effectively and gain expertise. Thanks for all you do!

The Cultural Alliance has been a great partner and an indispensable resource for our Library.  Whether helping us to promote our programs through FC Buzz or via the workshops and supplemental resources for members, the Cultural Alliance has made a difference in our world.”

The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County opens the door for us to learn more, find out what’s happening in the field, and form lasting partnerships with other members. I also find FCBUZZ a fantastic way to keep up with the cultural events in Fairfield County.

The Cultural Alliance is essential to the fabric of the arts in Fairfield County.  Thanks to FCBuzz, we are able to reach a much greater audience of dedicated art lovers than we could on our own.  The Marketing Roundtable and Executive Directors’ Network facilitate peer-to-peer networking and collaboration as well as provide opportunities for learning from experts in a variety of fields.

Thank you again for everything you’re doing to help arts organizations during COVID-19.  Your webinars have been excellent and your newsletters have kept me informed of the latest legislation and health guidelines.  (Big news last night on the PPP – very helpful for us!). I really appreciate it.

I cannot thank you enough for the support you have given to me personally and to our organization, as well as so many other organizations. Being a part of the weekly Executive Director meetings via Zoom has saved me over these months!

Thank you for all of your leadership during this COVID crisis.  Every week, you demonstrate the value of a membership to the Cultural Alliance.

I want to thank you for all the outreach you have done for members of the Cultural Alliance. Every conversation has been incredibly helpful and very much appreciated.

You’ve made CAFC an invaluable source of information, among other great work you’re doing. Keep it up!

The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County has done an incredible job of connecting artists and arts and culture organizations across our county. In these unsettling times, the connections, information sharing and combined efforts towards bettering our community have provided needed support. Kimberly Henrickson, Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk’s Hamlet Hub, Nov. 12, 2021.

You are truly helping us foster the connections and relationships we need to allow growth and success for Blau House & Gardens.

As a member of the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County we make connections with other arts organizations across many topics. Ranging from potential artistic partnerships, to sharing resources for data, grant opportunities, legislative priorities, pandemic coping strategies and so much more. The CAFC is an integral part of our organization, each and every day, as we seek to support each other as artists and uplift the human spirit throughout our communities. Sandra Miklave, Norwalk Symphony