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The Marketing Network is composed of marketing professionals within CAFC. Quarterly professional development meetings and roundtables typically include outside expert speakers who share their expertise and advice. These meetings are also valued for the networking and camaraderie they provide. Executive directors are invited to participate in these meetings as well. The following Marketing Network Roundtables are scheduled for 2023:

2023 Meeting Dates & Topics:

FEB 22: CT Noelle Stevenson, Director, CT Office of Tourism Livestream: An Overview of Assets & Resources for Cultural Nonprofits with information on CTVisit

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APR 26 | MAY 3 | MAY 17: Google Analytics (4) with Google Consultant, Nalini Goolsarran

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APR 26: Part 1 Introduction to Google Analytics for Nonprofits
MAY 3: Part 2 Advanced Google Analytics for Nonprofits
MAY 17: In-person network and Q & A session


Google Analytics is one of the most valuable tools you can use to measure your impact on your community – and now a new version is about to be released. ARE YOU READY?
This webinar series will help you…
1 – Understand the basics of Google Analytics and GA4
2 – Give you valuable insights into website performance
3 – Learn how your audience is engaging with your content
4 – Gather and interpret data on important metrics (website traffic, page views, bounce & conversion rates)
5 – Offer you an opportunity to ask questions and chat with your peers in a live session

Part 1: Introduction to Google Analytics for Nonprofits – April 26

The first session on April 26 was an introduction, and covered:

1 – Google Analytics and Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
2 – The different types of data that Google Analytics tracks
3 – An overview of the various reports
4 – How to identify the key metrics that matter most to nonprofits

Presentation Slides are available here:
Session Recording are available here:

Part 2: Advanced Google Analytics for Nonprofits 
Building on the foundational knowledge gained in Part 1, this webinar will delve deeper into the capabilities of Google Analytics 4 and how to interpret its reports. You will learn: 

1 – The enhanced tracking capabilities of Google Analytics (GA4)
2 – How to use and interpret the various reports and dashboards
3 – How data can be used to measure the effectiveness of your website

By the end of this session, attendees will have a deeper understanding of Google Analytics 4 and how to use its reports to optimize website content and user experience.

MAY 17
Part 3: In-person network and Q & A session. 


Nalini Goolsarran, founder of EdgeSpace Marketing, has a passion for transforming business practices and streamlining communications.  She has a BS in Computer Information Systems and over 10 years of experience in Information Technology, Project Management and Communications. Before becoming an entrepreneur, she was an Associate COO for a division of a global financial institution. Currently she provides Website Development, Social Media Marketing and SEO services to small businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofits.  
Nalini believes in the strength of her community, aside from building up the small business and nonprofit communities she spends much of her free time volunteering for organizations and causes that empower the next generation.  This includes being a College Coach to help first generation high school students successfully matriculate and co-chairing the fundraising committee for her local library.


AUG 23: Post-COVID Demographics

NOV 15: Social Media Fair

Dates are subject to change



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