Feb. 23, 2022

The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County, at its core, is about connectivity and creativity. We know these to be deeply intertwined and we embrace both connection and creative expression as the ways that the world works and are foundational for thriving individuals and communities. Connectivity and creative expression underlie our core values.


The Cultural Alliance understands that: 


The experience of art and culture is empowering for individuals, neighborhoods, communities, and the broader society. 

This power can be shared and expanded through networks of artists, residents, and cultural institutions

Creative expression is an effective vehicle for greater equity and inclusiveness in our community. 

Bringing people together for arts and cultural activities builds trust and has a collective impact greater than the sum of the personal effects upon each individual.

The arts and culture ecosystem needs to be sustained and strengthened, especially in a state without regional governance. 


The Cultural Alliance holds the following core values: 


We broaden belonging – We are an open circle, ready to embrace all who want to participate in an arts and culture network that engages in community together. We encourage mutual learning and reciprocity among members. We believe that well-being is enhanced and communities thrive when there is a focus on the collective. 

We listen and respond – We engage with our members and the community from a space of deep respect. We celebrate a multiplicity of perspectives and ideas from the lived experiences of all. We believe that open hearts and minds foster meaningful relationships.

We activate stewardship – We serve as a collaborative agent that nurtures, facilitates, energizes, and amplifies the regions arts and culture community. We are partners in realizing the regions fullest potential. 

We cultivate trust – In the midst of an ever-changing and unpredictable world, we are dependable and consistent in our support.  We understand trust as a first step in building fruitful relationships.