My art deals with nuances and subtitles, the shifting shadows of social issues. I explore this through the human figure—that fragile mortal vessel that contains our most basic selves— and use my abiding love of drawing as a path to express innate concerns about liberty, about fear and about hope.

Some of my topics are as simple as an individual’s need for work, for sustenance, for shelter and yes, for love. Others are as geopolitically volatile as the indignities people suffer when they lose their basic freedoms. The body, that seemingly transcendent creation of blood, of tissues, of sinews, reveals and reflects all those ideas and issues.

It is through this incarnate and fragile form that we hope to bestride the world, yet all too often cower in its shadows. And it is by means of charcoal, ink and paint that I celebrate, agonize and weep over this life, whether it is in the glare hurtling off of an arm wrenched by jailers or the shifting glow on necks entwined in an embrace.



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