The acceptance of the unknown drives our imagination, our curiosity, our will, and progress. I like to explore any of these unknowns on my work. What is life? Why is life so determined? How did it all start? Why do we feel? Do plants feel? What about the stars? Do they feel or think? What is consciousness? Does the universe have one?

We share these explorations and experiences, not just among humans, but perhaps, among all life forms. I like to bring this connexion into my work, allowing for the viewer to experience the same union, and to draw a smile on them.

I see this force of life manifesting as vibrant colors, with shapes that move from the figurative and familiar, to the imaginary and abstract.

These shapes and colors run through all my work, sometimes taking its shape in oil paintings, other times manifesting through digital works.

I am particularly fascinated with the opportunity that our current technological progress brings us: our visual world has expanded to include the realm of atomic particles, microscopic life, as well as distant, gigantic galaxies. Exploring these new worlds gives us a unique opportunity to expand both our knowledge and our imagination.

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.
[Soren Kierkegaard]



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