Trace Burroughs is a digital artist. Sold over 300 works from the ages of 10-15 years old, one of which was accepted into Westport, CT Municipal Permanent Art Collection. This collection consists of donated work by local and international artists including Picasso, Matisse, Calder, Motherwell, and others. His art has been displayed in numerous shows throughout Fairfield County, in addition Art Basil Miami and Art Elevated in Manhattan.

The subject matter in my new collection is varied in theme and style. The works are created utilizing digital drawing, retouching and enhancement, then composited to create a single digital image.

I try to create each work so it is different from the others in in the way it elicits a response from the viewer. Consciously and subconsciously the symbols depicted will touch each viewer differently.

Within the digital realm, I like to change genres including surreal, abstract expressionism, portraits and others. Over all I like to create art that engages the mind and the eye. Thought provoking. Visually appealing and with a mystical nuance is important. In addition, creating depth in a two dimensional field, and tricking the eye in a playful and satisfying way is also something I work to achieve in several of the pieces.

Trace has also been a television writer, animator and currently a song writer. His work has appeared on television and in film and was interviewed by David Frost in 1975.



Trace Burroughs
32B Beeholm Road
Redding, CT 06896

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