William Fulton has always been drawn to the stage.

As a teen, he fell in love with Hip Hop music and started a rap group. Entertaining is his passion, so he pursued a lifelong dream of becoming a professional model and actor. In August 2020, he performed the role of Pop Pop in “I Salute You Good Men”. The monologue was written by international actress Alicia Thompson. The performance was held in BPT Creates via Facebook Live.

In February 2020, Mr. Fulton played the role of Victor, working alongside the very talented cast of “These Four Walls,” written by the Janice Burkett and directed by Matt Notice. The performance was held in the Bijou Theatre. The venues are located in Downtown Bridgeport CT. Currently, Will is part of the cast in the upcoming play titled “A real man’s love in a woman’s world” written by Tanya E. Randall.



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