Yvonne Claveloux merges vibrant colors and organic shapes to create a sense of energy in her work. She embraces beauty in imperfection through her uninhibited brush strokes, loose lines, drips, and smudges, all bursting on her canvasses in harmony.

Her style is instinctive, which always leads to new and unexpected adventures when she steps into the studio. Unplanned from the onset, she follows her impulses. Through the use of diverse mediums including graphite, acrylics, watercolors and gesso, each piece develops its own personality.

“Inspiration for my art derives from my travels, Cuban roots and colorful winters in Miami. I use paint as a way to express emotions that cannot be verbalized and strive to celebrate beauty, flaws and all.”

Yvonne’s passion for art was sparked while studying fashion design in Milan and since then her creative journey has taken many forms. From running her own interior design firm to working as Head Stylist for athome Magazine, her artistic eye has continued to evolve as she encounters new opportunities and explores the world around her.

Claveloux divides her time between Westport, CT and Miami, FL.



(203) 247-5744




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