The Data Task Force began in January 2022 in response to members’ concerns about funders’ increasing demands for data that didn’t necessarily correspond with organizations’ own data needs. The three initial objectives of the group were: to educate ourselves about data – useful for funders and the group; to find a shareable software data collection tool that is flexible/modular and can allow us to gather and present data in as unified and flexible a way as possible; and to find professional assistance – perhaps a consultant to assist us in understanding, interpreting, and presenting the data we have. The group has met 12 times on Zoom, including meeting with Liz Shapiro (CT Office of Arts) and Scott Wands (CT Humanities), and has had two demonstrations of the Apricot data collection software. These meetings will continue as needed. To find out more, or to join the group contact David Green at


FEB 2: MEMBER MEETING with Edith Boyle, President & CEO of LifeBridge 9:30am Zoom

MAR 2: INTRODUCTION TO DATA Interactive Workshop 9:30am-noon

FREE to members in partnership with The Connecticut Data Collaborative.

Learn how to evaluate data quality

Become a critical consumer & creator of data

Improve your data work

Understanding data is becoming rapidly and increasingly important in the work we do. What data will best tell you the impact you are having on your targeted community? How do you analyze the data you collect?  How can funders better understand what data tells them most about your successes? In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to become a critical creator and user of data, and improve your own data work. This is an introductory workshop, suitable for individuals of all skill levels. It will teach you valuable skills that can be applied immediately. Organized through the Cultural Alliance’s Data Task Force, this workshop is open to all members.


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