I have been a professional artist for close to 25 years, working with a multitude of materials and techniques during that time. An appreciation for the natural world – its beauty, its power, its mystery and its unpredictability – informs what I do, always. Though nature is my muse I do not attempt to replicate it. Rather, I try to capture its essence along with the sense of wonder it evokes. I use the images, sensations, colors, textures, movement and moods of the natural world as a springboard and inspiration for my creations.

Although there is balance in my work there is no symmetry. My forms are organic – often without clear boundaries. Serendipity and surprise play significant roles in all my creations. I offer direction to whatever material I am using but respect the way the material and process conspire to manifest in their own unique way. A hole, a ridge, a swerving line, a crack appears where none was planned, adding interest and depth to the work just as they do in life. I have no firm outcome in mind when I start a piece – rather I embark on an intuitive, process oriented journey. For me the work becomes a metaphor for the unexpected occurrences in life, and both the challenges we face and the growth we experience from embracing that which life brings.

I am an explorer of both method and material. Fiber has had an important role in my work, as have fiber art techniques. I am drawn to the historical and multi-cultural richness of fiber making traditions and appreciate the tactile and textural possibilities inherent in the material. Beyond fiber, I look to everyday, often humble, items in creating my work. Think Q-tips, makeup pads, ace bandages, rusted items and items from nature. I use both traditional techniques and my own experimental techniques to transform common materials. I am making a statement about our potential to transform and to manifest beauty in the world we live in. It is not a perfect beauty, but one which celebrates the “perfection of imperfection”. I believe that in connecting with and embracing the truths of the natural world we are best able to act as its co-creators and stewards.



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