I make kinetic, contemplative abstract paintings with vibrant and muted color, gestural brushstrokes and personal calligraphy on canvas and on paper. I work in acrylic with an emphasis on metallic, interference and iridescent paints. I also incorporate gold and silver leaf and artist grade glitter. In Crystal Matrix, my most recent series, metallics and glitter build a surface of iridescent light. Historically and now, reflections connect human beings with the spirit world and life’s deeper mysteries.

Art is channeled energy. Balancing that energy is a daily spiritual practice. I am a devoted yogi and meditator and consider the painting process to be transcendental. You lose your sense of time and space and suspend in the present moment. Ultimately, I hope my paintings create a pause for the viewer to reflect, recalibrate and reboot.



Eugenie Diserio
1847 Newfield Ave
Stamford, CT 06903

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