A former machinist and steel fabricator for Sikorsky Aircraft, Gwen Hendrix left her work life of 33 years building helicopters to pursue a career in art. She is a fiber and mixed media artist, and her studio is located at METRO Art Studios in Bridgeport, CT. Artist Statement - Painting: I explore painting using textile pigments on fabrics. Silks, black trigger cloth and the micro-fiber Encaustiflex® are my primary substrates. Visual dimension develops through the creative process as forms and abstract imagery evolve. Creating depth and transparency using paint, mixed media elements and surface design methods, I capture movement and flow that sing with vibrant color. While some paintings are done in one session, others call for a series of layering shape and form, which is random to my process. Paint is moved along the surface of the fabric using a brush and scraper. Palette knives and grouting tools make the initial marks in the paint. Once this layer is dry, a series of masks, paint and mark making follow in additional layers. When complete, shadows are added to create a sense of depth and space. Artist Statement - Marbling: Marbling is often recognized for its repetitive patterning that appears on paper, such as the end sheets of fine books. When marbling is left to its organic form and transferred onto various fabric surfaces, magical imagery appears creating depth into familiar and imaginary worlds. In searching for these organic forms in the marbling process, I create works that represent changing universes—from peering inside the human body to view its cellular structure and connective tissue, to galaxies and gas nebulas of the cosmos. It is this inner and outer space where my fascination lies.



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