A graduate of Yale University, Julie Leff began painting professionally in 2001. Since then, her work has appeared in numerous solo and group shows in New York and Connecticut. Her artwork is held in many private collections in the US, Europe and Asia. To view her work, go to

“I paint florals, still lifes, abstract and portraits. First, I am attracted to a subject and I try to understand why. Usually color plays the largest part. Then, I decide on a size and shape for the finished work. Finally, I put paint on the canvas in such a way as to try to capture the essence that first attracted me. I paint in oil on canvas with sable brushes. Placing my work at the end of a tradition of painting that extends back thousands of years, I am a traditionalist. At the same time, my work is time-bound and personal, faithful to my own perceptions and ideas. Which is to say, I paint for myself, for my love of color and form, but in a way that invites others to discover the beauty I see in the world.”



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