Penrhyn Cook's photography documents things that other people tend to overlook; the serendipitous moments that make life interesting: the presentation of contradictions, innocence and humor. Her family, personal history and ideology are an important part of her story telling. She loves children; dislikes confrontation: is continuously puzzled by acts of inhumanity. She believes in the contagiousness of laughter and the joy of music and art. Penrhyn frequently uses celebrations and public spaces as her backdrop. She is looking for interactions that express the breadth of human emotions; wonder, loneliness, envy. Whatever the emotion, she wants the viewer to participate in the experience and create his or her own interpretation. Like human emotions, like eidelon's, her images can also be fleeting. She doesn't set out to capture them, she just finds them; here and there, wedged between the here and now; a rift between the dimensions. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibits including the Summer McKnight Crosby Jr. Gallery, New Haven, CT, City Lights Gallery, Bridgeport, Shoreline Arts Alliance, Guilford, 22 Haviland Street Gallery, Norwalk, Art Place at the Shoreline, New Haven, and Café George, New Haven. Cook has self-published two books titled Eidelon and Serendipity. Her work is in many private collections. She is a member of the Kehler Liddell Gallery in New Haven. She collaborates with photographer husband Rod Cook under the name of PenRod. They have their studio in Bridgeport. See their website.



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