Inspirational Influencer, Artist & Muralist, Vernice Holmes is the quintessential creator seasoned in originality from her background to her style.

“I am a sparkly, Christian Jewish, Black White Girl from the Bronx with green eyes and white skin. My inspiration flows from my ethnicity, experiences and memories of people asking me “What am I”? As a young girl, I sketched ‘fashion girls’ of all colors, shapes and sizes on paper, walls and clothing to express myself. When I was teased about my skin color or having “kinky hair”, my art fueled my passion to be original on purpose.” Vernice

Today, Vernice is the Creative Director of Vernice’s Arte where she draws from her diversity that is vividly reflected in her whimsical-childlike process of creating art and innovative artistic platforms. For 25 years she has been inspiring and challenging young girls and women to discover their true identity through her mentorship and her Multi-Media Symposiums’.

In addition to being a celebrated Lifestyle Fashion Illustrator & Live Event Artist, Vernice is a sought-after keynote speaker who has hosted sold-out events and has catalyzed change in many lives.
As an accomplished fashion designer for such retailers as Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, Dillard’s, Neiman Marcus and several specialty store chains across the country, Vernice has traveled from Europe to the Far East shopping for the newest trends & styles to create her own artisan collections. Vernice has a penchant for using a variety of embellishments in her art including jewels, sequins, beads, Swarovski crystals, lipstick, eyelashes, flowers, scented oils and shimmering metallics and glitter!

Vernice’s art is available as canvas art, apparel & accessories, face masks, prints, posters & pretty gifts.
Pop Up Shoppe at The Sono Collection in Norwalk, CT. Level 1 near Bloomingdales and online
Also visit Norwalk’s Art Park at Isaac Square to view her 2 art murals.



(203) 981-8417



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