The American Fabrics Arts Building is the creative home to over 30 area artists and creative businesses in Bridgeport, CT. A visit to the historic building will expose you to painting, photography, sculpture, woodworking, quilt making, textile arts, jewelry, mixed media, ceramics and more. Artists who enjoy studio space at AmFab receive marketing initiatives as part of their membership. The diverse group of artists and artisans in our building create a unique community that supports and inspires collaboration and inspiration.



American Fabrics Arts Building
1069 Connecticut Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06607

Map and directions


(646) 456-3622



Accessibility Info

  • Wheelchair Access

*If you need elevator assistance, please use the 2nd parking lot located at the other end of the building. To get there, drive toward the back of the building complex, turn left go to the end of the building on the left and turn left again. Go straight until you get to the grey door of Building 4. Once inside the building follow signs to the elevator.