ECOoperative is a planned makers and creators cooperative, based in Fairfield, designed to inspire community members to support local artists and creators by shopping local and cutting down on carbon emissions.

With the goal of providing the community with product services that are good for people, good for the planet and created with purpose, Brad Kerner and his Eco Evolution company has created this project to amplify the work of Connecticut-based creators of products such as: candles, soaps, body products, jewelry, pet supplies, ceramics, photography, organic clothing, etc.

The cooperative will be located inside of a larger retail and coffee shop called Eco Evolution, which will be located in Fairfield, CT.

The project will also provide free retail space for refugee woman creators who are a part of “our Woven Community” in Bridgeport and provide free workshops by cooperative artists for community youth.

The project will also create capacity building opportunities for cooperative members on marketing and scaling up their creations.

Eco Evolution and the ECOoperative will inspire conscious consumerism and help fight the climate change crisis by sourcing all-natural products locally.



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