Niki Ketchman is a visual artist who sculpts, paints, draws and makes digital prints and collages. Recently she is concentrating primarily on sculpture. She makes her sculptures by sewing, weaving, winding, draping and decorating. She explores ideas about what comprises “women’s work” and where Art, function, craft and design intersect. Most of her sculptures are composed of a combination of industrial and domestic materials. Some are appropriate for outdoor installation, some are better placed indoors. Some can live either indoors or out. More recently she has been incorporating ink jet prints into the surfaces of her sculptures.

Her sculptures are often interactive if not necessarily functional in a traditional sense. Some can be sat on, others can be leaned against. Yet others can be walked through or walked into. In this way the visitor experiences the work physically as well as visually.
as visually.



Niki Ketchman
14 Caccamo Lane
Westport, CT 06880

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(203) 227-3164



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