A photographer and painter who has most recently turned to mostly large scale charcoal drawings, I tend to always come back to the line work. I find what I respond to and admire in other artists’ work, past or present, is usually the integrity of the line – whether it’s a single stroke or a mass of scribble in the shadows. If the marks are put down with validity and assurance they will resonate and the piece will vibrate. False or uneasy notes stand out and unsettle and even demoralize. A confident fluidity of movement and gesture is what is consciously and unconsciously felt and appreciated by the viewer. At least that is how I respond to a work.

For me the scale of larger drawings compels a distinct approach to the process of the mark-making —more gestural, almost calligraphic. The act of drawing itself is a highly sensual and pleasurable one. If things are working I hurriedly scribble with a writer’s hand in a spontaneously invented language with looping cursive gestures, larger flourishes, and tight punctuations. If the rhythm is there you find yourself writing your way across the surface as if capturing thought in a frenzied rush of note taking.



Rick Shaefer
Metro Arts Studios
Bridgeport, CT 06604

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