Explore a Peer Network or Community of Practice

The CAFC network is an ever-expanding circle of of creatives and creative organizations, inviting you to explore new intersections and create partnerships. CAFC gatherings are designed to extend your creative circle. We offer the following Peer Groups and Communities of Practice as places of connection:



We are reconvening the Artist Network in 2023, and we begin with an exciting collaboration with Metro Art Studios. We encourage all CAFC artist members to join us for the first Artist WorkLab on May 3rd and every first Wednesday of the month.


Originally “Collective Action Against Racism & Inequity,” this network was formed by a small group of Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County (CAFC) members seeking to deepen their understanding of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and take specific actions toward advancing equity.  CAFC listened to member’s needs and launched the group with a public series of workshops focused on DEI issues within the arts and culture sector.  Established in 2020, the CAFE peer group continues to meet every 6 weeks to support personal and organizational learning, expand member’s commitments to equity, and create opportunities to interact with other community partners and CAFC members.


Community Theatre is professional theatre rooted in a particular community. “There is a certain obligation that community theatre is held to because of the personal and physical connection to its own community and the people within that community. Community theatre is understood to contribute to the social capital of a community, insofar as it develops the skills, community spirit, and artistic sensibilities of those who participate, whether as producers or audience members.”  We have created the Community Theatre Network for community theatres in our coastal Fairfield County region to enable the exchange of experiences and ideas and the further development of collaboration between them.


Began in January 2022 in response to members’ concerns about funders’ increasing demands for data that didn’t necessarily correspond with organizations’ own data needs. The three initial objectives of the group were: to educate ourselves about data; to find a shareable software data collection tool that is flexible/modular and can allow us to gather and present data in as unified but flexible a way as possible.; to find professional assistance.

Each of these networks offer programs, initiatives, and events throughout the year.


Quarterly professional development meetings for the 120+ executive directors of our member organizations focus on annually-themed topics. Respected for the relevance of their program, these meetings are also valued for the networking and camaraderie they provide, where the leaders of our cultural institutions and smaller organizations can share their experiences and get to know one another.


An informal network created to connect organizations, professionals, and individuals who are dedicated to preserving the historic character of our region. The network offers an email listserv for members to quickly communicate ideas, seek and offer assistance, share information and discuss preservation challenges and successes in the region. Members meet three times a year to learn about resources and opportunities, exchange experiences, and discuss current issues pertinent to the preservation and continued economic development of Fairfield County.


Open meetings the first Wednesday of each month with development consultant Jessica Morozowich, who reviews current grants opportunities, answers questions, and offers one-on-one consultations with individual.


Each town in our Coastal Fairfield County region has a Historical Society. The societies vary in size, age, endowments, and in many other ways. The Cultural Alliance first convened 17 historical societies in our region in January 2019 – the first of six convenings to date. Subjects for discussion have included: memberships, annual appeals, capital campaigns and other fundraising, marketing, exhibitions, and more. The societies will reconvene in Spring when they will share experiences, issues, solutions, and continue their work on number of joint projects they were started prior to the pandemic.


Local Arts Agencies are the arts councils (independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations) and arts commissions (part of municipal government) that are based in our towns, serving their residents in a variety of ways, from marketing and sometimes coordinating arts events in town, to providing a central clearinghouse and sometimes a calendar of events, to hosting organizations and producing their own events, to funding resident artists and arts organizations. This network started meeting in 2019


Quarterly professional development meetings for marketing professionals and executive directors, typically inviting outside expert speakers to share their expertise and advice. These meetings are also valued for the networking and camaraderie they provide.



It’s my connection with the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County that gave me the ongoing confidence and trust in my work to comfortably – and proudly – be able to say that I’m an artist.






Put yourself out there. (Your people are waiting.)