The art of opportunity

The CAFC network is an ever-expanding circle of of creatives and creative organizations, inviting you to explore new intersections and create partnerships. CAFC gatherings are designed to extend your creative circle. COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE Listing coming soon!


Quarterly professional development meetings for the 120+ executive directors of our member organizations focus on annually-themed topics. Respected for the relevance of their program, these meetings are also valued for the networking and camaraderie they provide, where the leaders of our cultural institutions and smaller organizations can share their experiences and get to know one another.

An informal network created to connect organizations, professionals, and individuals who are dedicated to preserving the historic character of our region. The network offers an email listserv for members to quickly communicate ideas, seek and offer assistance, share information and discuss preservation challenges and successes in the region. Members meet three times a year to learn about resources and opportunities, exchange experiences, and discuss current issues pertinent to the preservation and continued economic development of Fairfield County.

Quarterly professional development meetings for marketing professionals and executive directors, typically inviting outside expert speakers to share their expertise and advice. These meetings are also valued for the networking and camaraderie they provide.

It’s my connection with the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County that gave me the ongoing confidence and trust in my work to comfortably – and proudly – be able to say that I’m an artist.

Put yourself out there. (Your people are waiting.)